Learn the secrets to felting the perfect hat!


Are you feeling frustrated about the way your hats are turning out?

You haven't felted a hat yet because you don't feel confident enough?

In this online class you'll learn exactly how to wet felt the classic hats in the shapes and colors you love.

And get them to have the right size!

No more wasted time and materials!

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What's inside the class?


This is a step-by-step online video class, that walks you through all you need to know to felt the perfect classic hats in the size you want.

Inside this class you'll find:

  • How to felt a fedora, a cloche, a bowler, and a floppy hat
  • The downloadable pattern for all the hats in size 56 cm
  • How to draw your own patterns in the size you want
  • How to modify the base patterns to create new hat shapes
  • How to felt ANY hat WITHOUT a hat block
  • How to felt a hat WITH a hat block
  • How to create the perfect brim
  • How to lay the wool so that you don't have to cut the brim
  • How to create hat trimmings with nuno felt
  • How changing the wool type you use can change the shape of your hat
  • How to finish off your hats for a professional look
  • How to felt flowers for embellishment
  • An idea of each hat's History
  • Ideas to explore beyond the class
  • Clear step-by-step instructions, as well as feedback and support from me.
  • A list of online suppliers all over the globe, so you don't have to spend time researching. 
  • 24/7 access from the comfort of your home and lifetime access to the course, including all future updates, with no extra charge.
  • Ongoing support from me even after the course is over. Share ideas and tips with other felters inside the private Facebook group or through the comment section of the course. 

Class Preview

* Week 1 - 31st October


In this module we go through:

  • How the course works
  • The anatomy of a hat
  • Measuring the head
  • Supplies for the course

 * Week 2 - 7th November


The module starts with a short History of the Fedora and the materials. I then go through how you can make your own resist pattern for any size. Nevertheless, this module also includes a work pattern for you to download. In these videos you'll learn to shape the Fedora with a hat block. There are suggestions for the decoration and finishing, and the module ends with other ideas for exploration.


This BONUS is a very special one because I'll be showing you how you can felt any hat without a hat block. Though I use the example of the Fedora in the module, this technique can be applied to any hat shape you want to make. So, this BONUS module makes it possible for you to take the entire course without having to buy any hat blocks.

* Week 3 - 14th November


The module is divided into 2 parts: the Cloche and the Bowler. Each one starts with a short History of these hats. You'll have the chance to see how the choice of a different wool type can be enough to create a variation in the shape. You'll also be learning how you can use nuno felting to create your hat's trimmings.


Though you learn how to create custom patterns for any hat size in this class, I wanted to go one step further, and show you how you can modify these base patterns to create new hat shapes. And, of course, along with that, how to shape them.

 * Week 4 - 21st November


As for all the other hats in the class, there's a historical introduction for this one, followed by how you can make your own resist pattern for any size. Yet, there'll also be a work pattern for you to download. After the actual felting of the hat, I go through some millinery tips, like how to add a sweatband to the piece. The module ends with a collection of suggestions about how to go on experimenting beyond the course, and how to care for your hats.


Flowers are a classic for hat trimmings. So, to me the class wouldn't be complete without showing you how to make beautiful, extra light roses to decorate your pieces.

 * Week 5 - 28th November


During the WRAP UP WEEK, I'll give you more ideas to help you to continue exploring beyond the class. We'll also look into how you can care for your finished hats.


And, last but not least, I created a bonus eBook with lots of extra tips for you to download.

Enrollment: 24th October - 7th November


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No more wasted time and materials

Wet felt the classic hats with confidence!

ENROLL in the Class Today!

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*Please note you need to contact me within the first 2 weeks of the class.

My name is Vanda Sousa and I've been wet felting for nearly 2 decades. Being a self-taught felter with about 15 years of teaching experience has lead me to create my own teaching system, based on what I've learnt with experimentation and on the challenges of my students.

Here are some more beautiful examples of the classic hats wet felted by my very talented students


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