Felting Soft Hats - The Beret

I’ve been felting berets for years. But I was never completely happy with the ones I made. The issue wasn’t the shape or design, but they never draped like I wanted. Sure, I used an 18-micron merino and I laid thinly. But, as you know, there’s always a certain stiffness to felt.

This search for a soft drapable beret led me to finally try out viscose. I experimented for weeks, and made several berets trying combinations of different amounts of wool and viscose, as well as different layout methods, until I finally achieved what I was looking for.

I invite you to join me in exploring these techniques that will open up so many new possibilities for your future wet felting.

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In this module we go through how the course works and the supplies needed. Included is a list of the recommended online suppliers all over the globe.


The classic French beret is soft, yet it still has a certain firmness to it. So, it needs a layout that gives it the correct elasticity and malleability, but some density as well.


The softer Painter's beret needs more drape and elasticity. So, the layout of both the merino and the viscose has to be the right one to achieve those qualities.

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Felting Soft Hats - The Beret

Join me in exploring materials and layout techniques to create very soft and malleable felt and open up many new possibilities for your future wet felting projects.

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My name is Vanda Sousa and I've been wet felting for nearly 2 decades. Being a self-taught felter with about 15 years of live teaching experience has lead me to create my own teaching system, based on what I've learnt with experimentation and on the challenges of my students.

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