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A place for you to play, experiment and refine your wet felting skills beyond the beginner level.

Learn the details about wet felting and be proud of the pieces you create!



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What's inside the Free Felting Membership


The Free Felting Membership is divided into a Core Training area and several Modules dedicated to different topics.

The Core Training includes:

  • a comprehensive list of online suppliers all over the globe, as well as ideas about the equipment you need for wet felting and how to prepare your workspace.
  • It covers the different types of layouts for both tops and batts, and goes into the details of when to use them.
  • It also shows you how you can achieve a thinner or a thicker layout.

From there, I develop Modules about:

  • fulling, ways to full, and when to use them,
  • soap, types of soap, and how to apply them,
  • types of fiber and their application,
  • resists, how to design them and what materials to use,
  • the basic shapes in wet felting, how to felt and connect them,
  • wool care before and after felting,
  • felting exercises for you to practice what we talk about in the modules,
  • some free projects and so much more!

Why I created this Membership


I've spent about 15 years sharing information, blogging and vlogging about wet felting in various platforms.

As a result, it's all scattered through out the internet, and it's difficult to keep track of what's already been done and where to find it.

So, I felt it was time I got everything together under the same roof, as well as add new stuff I've been learning, since I'm always experimenting and growing my knowledge about wet felting.

The Membership will, of course, be growing with time, as well as with your questions and participation.




My name is Vanda Sousa and I've been wet felting for nearly 2 decades. Being a self-taught felter with about 15 years of teaching experience has lead me to create my own teaching system, based on what I've learnt with experimentation and on the challenges of my students.

A sandbox for felters?

Yes!!! A place for you to play, experiment and grow your felting skills.

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Still have questions?

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