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"Thank you, Vanda. The video on wet felting a purse was great! I am new to wet felting and the video guided me through the process step-by-step with easy to follow directions. My purse turned out perfect!"

Pamela Polowy

"This tutorial was more expensive than I would have liked, but the time put into the videos makes this understandable. There are PDF files to reference and videos that show the entire process. As I was watching, I would ask a question and moments later Vanda would answer my question in the video - so it is well done and detailed. […] Thank you also for a wonderful blog full of more info."


"The video workshop of how to felt mittens was detailed and easy to follow. I had no experience of felting, but the videos guided me through the process step-by-step."


"Like a live workshop! Excellent explanation, simple and accurate, accompanied by good images. Congratulations!"

Alda Vasco Simões

"I really like Vanda’s tutorials. As a felting teacher, I like to see how others teach; Vanda is a good example, as she has clear descriptions and a well thought out lesson plan. Highly recommended!"

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

"Absolutely genius! All details are shown and said to achieve and succeed. Thanks a lot. "


"Fantastic work! The details are very well explained! I loved it and I will definitely make a beautiful belt! Thank you for sharing."

Dulce Mourato

"Thanks! Lovely photos! Great instructions!"

Diane Falck

"I really like these classes. I was able to make a ring right away. Thank you!"

Virgínia Fernandes

"Easy to follow with lots of detail. Very pleased, thank you!"

Graceful Greys

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