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The Dodo Sandbox - Free Felting Membership

A place for you to play, experiment and refine your wet felting skills beyond the beginner level. Learn the details about wet felting and be proud of the pieces you create!

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Felting Infos

A mix of useful information on wet felting. Here you can find things like supplier recommendations and care instructions.

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The Q&A Sessions

I created the Q&A Sessions to answer your questions (on video) about specific problems you're having with wet felting. Send me an email to [email protected] and get your question answered.

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The Weekend Project

The Weekend Project is designed to bring you inspiration for easy-to-do textile projects, that you can finish during the weekend, and hopefully help you relax from the stress of the week. So, explore and enjoy!

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The How To Series

The How to Series is where I go through all kinds of tips & tricks to help you with your felting projects. If you want to learn about all those details that not everybody talks about, but make all the difference, you’ve come to the right place.

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Your felting projects aren't turning out the way you want them? Here are my "10 Tips For Better Results In Wet Felting"