7 tips to create straight and neat edges without cutting or folding the felt

Jul 03, 2023

Are you having issues making the edges of your felted projects straight and neat? I know, that’s one of the challenges for us felt makers.

Of course, it’s always possible to cut the felt and heal the edges. But it doesn’t look as nice.

Besides, sometimes, the reason why our felt doesn’t have neat edges is because we made them too thin. In those cases, cutting them doesn’t solve the problem.

So, the only way to really be happy with the edges of our felt is to make them perfect from the start.

If that’s something that has been giving you some headaches, you’ll enjoy this video.

Here are 7 easy-to-follow tips that you can apply in your next felting project to make the edges straight and neat:

Tip 1 – Lay the wool out with the thicker ends on the template edge to have a straight line from the beginning.

Tip 2 – Lay the wool out evenly. This way the wool will also felt evenly.

Tip 3 – Rub the edges from the beginning. We tend to felt more in the center, and that ends up giving us wavy edges.

Tip 4 – Rub both parallel and perpendicular to the edges to get a fast and even shrinkage.

Tip 5 – Use the rolling method, with a bamboo mat if possible.

Tip 6 – Rub more wherever the wool needs to shrink and work diagonally if you need to. Use the tips of your fingers to insist on any irregular bits on the edges.

Tip 7 – Iron when the felt is dry and pull ant last irregularities into place.



P.S.: After you've tried these, send me an email and tell me how it went. I'd love to know!

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