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CAMERA BAG Felting Tutorial And New Online Shop

Feb 16, 2017


I’ve just published a new video workshop to complete the series on small bags for gadgets. In this tutorial, you will learn how to felt sleeves for small gadgets, like compact cameras and smart phones. But the idea can also be applied to bags for eyeglasses, makeup, or even artist’s pencils or brushes.

It shows you how to
felt with a resist
• get completely straight edges without using scissors to cut them
• make a reversible piece (two colors)
• make a precise piece with a box shape

The workshop includes one PDF with a template for a camera bag, one PDF with a template for a smart phone, and 9 downloadable high-definition videos with very detailed step-by-step instructions. It also shows you how to make resists for exactly the gadget you want, because they vary so much in size.

I’m also very excited to share with you the fact that I’ve just opened a new online shop. Whereas on Etsy, you can find video and PDF tutorials, in my new shop I’ll be offering my felted pieces, as well as felting materials and kits.

It’s starting slowly, so I’ll be adding products every now and again. For now, I’m only shipping to Portugal. Hope to see you there!


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