Update On Felting Suppliers

Aug 13, 2020

Sharing tips, ideas, and experiences from felters who write me emails telling me about their felting projects has been on my mind for a long time.

It's so rewarding to hear from you, whether it's about something you created based on one of my tutorials or just to chat about felt. And I'm always thinking "Wouldn't it be great to have a space where we could all talk to each other".

Finding a way to exchange experiences about the things we love is becoming more important every day, especially in these times we're living. So, I'm looking for the best solution for that. But, in the meantime, I'd just love to encourage you to email me things you’d like to share.

Today I'll be doing exactly that: sharing great information I got as an answer to one of my recent posts.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about how to choose your felting suppliers. And I ended the post asking you to send me any recommendations you might have, if you've had a good experience with any shop.

Well, I got an answer from a felter who's tried a couple of them, and was very happy with the results.

 J. says (she prefers to stay anonymous, and I respect that, of course) she gets most of her felting wool from Paradise Fibers. She's also been to their brick and mortar warehouse in Spokane, Washington, and she found it was "a treat to be in a building filled with wool in all its glory! Yarn, batts, tops, etc., etc., etc." 😊 "They also carry Sari Silk threads, yarn, strips.  The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly - even since I'm now ordering online.  I think their prices are reasonable and shipping can be free depending on the size of your order." J. adds.

She's also bought supplies at Living Felt (who has YouTube instructional videos), as well as at The Woolery.

If you're looking to buy locally in North Carolina, "Cheers to Ewe is a delightful store in Huntersville, where they mostly have yarn and a few felting supplies". And J.'s last suggestion is Gate City Yarns in Greensboro.

Another idea I found really fun, even though I’ve never tried anything like it is a sheep and wool festival in Maryland, usually in the spring”.  And she adds: “I've never been there, but a friend of mine makes it her annual trip to Mecca.” 😊 Definitely something to experience if you have the chance!

Thank you for sharing J.!

I’m sure many of you'll find this useful. So, keep your ideas coming and I'll keep sharing them here.

Talk soon!

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