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Where I Buy My Felting Supplies

Jan 18, 2017


I’m often asked where I buy my felting supplies, because it’s not always easy to find a good variety at local shops.

I also know that specific felting supplies is one of the topics I want to talk more about in the near future. So, I’ve created a new video series, called ‘Felting Infos‘, designed to help you with any questions regarding this topic.

In this first video I’ll go through the suppliers I buy from and why I’ve chosen them.

I hope this video is useful and I’d like to invite you to share any other information you have on good online shops, that can be helpful for feltmakers looking for new suppliers.

And if you happen to have any questions on this (like what soap to use, hot water VS cold water, …), send them to me or mention them in the comments, and I’ll answer them in one of my next videos.

See you soon!

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