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Wet Felting Shapes - The Basics

Mar 24, 2016

Have you mastered the basic wet felting shapes?

When people approach me about learning to wet felt, they often tell me they’d like to make scarves and clothes, so they’re particularly interested in nuno felting.

But to get to nuno felting and other more demanding techniques, you have to be confident with the basics. In fact, in my workshops it often happens that people have problems making the advanced project they signed up for, because they’re actually lacking some of the basics.

So, what if achieving great results with wet felting was more about mastering the basics than about learning sophisticated techniques like nuno felting?

To solve many of the problems that show up in my workshops, I’ve created a 7-part video series. The videos will be released on Thursdays, every two weeks.

If you still have questions about the specific topic after watching the video, be sure to share them on the comments and I promise to answer them ASAP.

Here’s the first one.


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