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Jan 28, 2021

Coming to you from a locked down Lisbon. Can’t lie. Not feeling great. And I’m guessing you may not be feeling great either.

But it’s time to… I nearly said ‘react’. Instead, it’s time to act. I’ve started going for a jog in the morning again. And I’m slowly getting back to a routine, as normal as possible.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on something that I promised you a long time ago: the Wet Felted Hats Masterclass. It’s ready and I’m now testing all the connections and technical stuff that must be in place to make things work smoothly. If you haven’t had the chance to see what it’s about, here’s the link to check it out.

If all the tests I’m doing go well (and I’m expecting they do), it’ll be available for you to buy from January 30th (next Saturday) to February 5th. The course will then be accessible from February 6th and will go on for 5 weeks, during which I’ll be releasing one module per week.


But let me tell you more about this OFFER, since it’s the first time I’m doing something like this and it’s a ONE-TIME CHANCE.


If you decide to take part in THIS EDITION of the Masterclass, you’ll become a FOUNDING MEMBER. That means:

  • You’ll have the EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY to help shape this course. Even though it’s ready, I would like to make this the most awesome Wet Felted Hats Masterclass ever. And, for that, I need your help. I need you to tell me if anything should be added or eliminated, if everything is clear or needs to be polished.
  • You’ll be in a Facebook group designed for this edition only, where you’ll have complete access to me, as well as to a small community of other FOUNDING MEMBERS. Here you’ll be able to exchange opinions, ideas and experiences, and get extra support for your hat projects.
  •  You’ll get this course for the ONE-TIME OFFER of 50% OFF THE PRICE it’ll cost when it’s available again.


I’ll be asking you to:

  • Have the available time to go through the modules every week, as well as review them. There’ll be a short survey of 5 questions, that I’ll ask you to answer after completing each module.
  • Bear with me if we have any technical challenges, which I’m not expecting to happen, since everything is being tested, as I mentioned. Nevertheless, this is all new to me as well, so you never know…


If you think this is something that might interest you, you’ll have to ACT FAST, since:

  • The cart will be open from January 30th (next Saturday) to February 5th
  • The number of spots is LIMITED TO 20


If you have any questions, just send me an email and let me know what’s on your mind. As a sneak peek of the Wet Felted Hats Masterclass, check out the above video included in Module #1.

Come join me on this exciting NEW ADVENTURE!!!



P.S.: You might have noticed there’s a problem with some of the images in the Dodo Blog. Due to a technical issue, the photos disappeared from several posts. I’m working to get those back as well, so that you can enjoy the full information.


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