The Felted Hats Masterclass Has Grown

Mar 12, 2021

After nearly 4 weeks of the Wet Felted Hats Masterclass, the course has grown considerably.

I’ve been creating short online felting courses since 2016 but planning a masterclass with the goal to cover all the possible challenges you might have when felting a classic hat, drawing patterns with the right measures, and expanding beyond the hats in the course is an entirely different story.

In short, I had never done anything this big. So, I knew it would be a challenge for me. But I love challenges…

This is also the reason it made sense to make it a sort of a “trial” edition: the members invest considerably less than they would in the regular edition, and they get to help me finish building the course. And they know they had a big role to play in the final product.

I have to admit I felt a bit nervous at first. I’m a perfectionist, so I don’t feel comfortable delivering an “unfinished” product. But I’m so happy I decided to do things this way. I would never have been able to know all the details the Founding Members would like to have me build in for them.

And it’s still not over 😊

For now, here are some of the new bonus modules in the class:

“Laying Wool Batts In A Circular Way” was filmed because some members where asking about it. And, in fact, I don’t lay batts on a circular resist the way I normally do it. So, it made perfect sense to go into more details about this topic.

But then, since I was felting a new Beret to explain this, I wanted to use these videos to add another technique. So, I thought “what if I show the course members how to decorate their Beret with nuno felted pieces of fabric?” And that’s what I’ve done. So, an entirely different sort of Beret was added to the class 😊

“Felting Without A Hat Block” just had to be in the course. It was probably the most frequent question I got about the masterclass: “do I need a hat block?”. I had a short explanation of how to shape the hats without a block in one of the videos, but people needed more support, since most felters don’t have hat blocks and are not ready to buy one.

So, this bonus was created to prove that it’s possible to shape a classic hat entirely with your hands (as I did with the Fedora in the photo).

“Changing The Pattern” was created because I know that not everybody feels confident enough to try changing a pattern on their own. And I wanted to make sure this course enables its members to go on experimenting and growing on their own after the class is over.

There’s nothing like seeing an example of what can be done to make you feel bolder. So, I picked up one of the patterns used in the masterclass and filmed a bonus about how to tweak a pattern to create folds in a hat.

And, since the course isn’t over yet, there might be more to come 😊

I really want my courses to make people feel they have everything they need to advance in wet felting with confidence.

As the Masterclass is approaching the end, I’m already developing the next course, as well as planning what can come next.

Would YOU like to see a felting course on a particular topic? If so, let me know what it is and it might be added to the list for the next online felting classes.

Talk soon!

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