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Going The Dodo Way Goes Live!

Sep 25, 2018


It’s been such a long time since I last taught a live workshop. I’m a teacher at heart, so interacting directly with my students and having that immediate feedback you get at a live event is something I absolutely love!

I’ll never forget the reaction of a young girl who attended one of my courses on hats and had never touched wet felting before. I was a bit worried that it could become difficult for her, since felting hats can be challenging. Getting the right thickness all over the piece and shaping a more sophisticated form can be tough, especially for someone who has never tried felting. But she told me she was used to trying new materials and it wouldn’t be a problem for her if she, for any reason, wasn’t able to complete the project. So, I agreed that she’d sign up for the workshop.

If you’ve already made 3D pieces, you know there’s a moment in which you take the resist out of the flat piece and start giving it a three-dimensional shape. As she did this, I could see her expression of astonishment, as if she were witnessing a miracle 😊. And in that moment she said: “Wow! Wet felting is like magic!” And it really is. Wet felting IS LIKE MAGIC!

It’s because of moments like this that I love live workshops. Being able to pass on my passion for wet felting to my students just makes me happy. And so does their joy in taking home something they made.

So, the time has come for my next ones (and the last ones for 2018). They’ll be happening at the amazing Museu do Oriente (Museum of Eastern Cultures) in Lisbon. Here are the dates:

  • October 20th – Seamless Jewelry – Joalharia sem costuras [more information here]
  • November 17th – Play Food (Fruit & Vegetables) – Frutas e legumes para brincar [more information here]
  • December 15th – Kokeshi & Matrioska Dolls – Bonecas Kokeshi e Matrioska [more information here]

We’ll be felting together for 4 hours, so that you can take your finished pieces with you.

All of the workshops are meant for people of all levels. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about felting and I’ll provide the materials. You only need to bring a couple of towels to dry your hands and some plastic bags to take the wet pieces home.

If you don’t speak Portuguese, but you’d like to attend, come join us, and I’ll teach in both Portuguese and English.

I suggest you add these dates to your Google calendar and sign up ASAP! To sign up for the event, please use the links provided above. You may use the contact form or the comments section for any questions you might have 😊

Talk to you soon!

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