Wet Felted Hats Masterclass – Enrollment Starting In A Few Days

May 12, 2021

As you might know, I created a new course recently: the Wet Felted Hats Masterclass for all of you who’d like to refine your hat making skills.

There was a first edition in February/March, which I launched as a test course. I had built a base structure and invited people to join as Founding Members to help me fully develop the best class possible. So, it grew considerably, since I added new modules, videos and other resources. And now it’s ready for the second edition.

The enrollment will start in a few days, so I wanted to let you know what the Masterclass now looks like.


This next edition will include a total of 9 modules, walking you through:

  • How to draw your own patterns with the right size
  • How to modify the base patterns to create new hat shapes
  • How to felt ANY hat WITHOUT a hat block
  • How to felt a hat WITH a hat block
  • How to create the perfect brim
  • How to lay the wool so that you don't have to cut the brim
  • How to embellish the hat surface with nuno felt
  • How to create hat trimmings with nuno felt
  • How to lay wool batts and wool tops in a circular way
  • How changing the wool type can change the shape of your hat
  • How to finish off your hats for a professional look
  • How to felt flowers for embellishment
  • Basic ideas of each hats' History
  • Ideas to explore beyond the Masterclass


The Masterclass has a duration of 8 weeks, during which there’ll be an active Facebook group created for the class where you can exchange ideas and resources, and ask questions for me or the course members to answer.

You also get lifetime access to the class, including all future updates.

If the offer interests you, please have a look at the full information about the masterclass, especially the FAQs, and feel free to send me an email if you still have questions.

Check out the video above to see some of the hats made by the Founding Members, as well as their testimonials.

Talk soon!


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