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Make Your Fall More Colorful

Sep 14, 2016

The days are growing shorter and colder. You stay more at home, looking for the coziness of the sofa, a hot tea and a nice book. Yes, Fall is about to start In a week, to be more precise.

This is a time of the year I really love. I like the slower pace, and going for long walks to enjoy the colors of the trees and the wind in my face

Something else I love is to stay home listening to music and experimenting with wool. If you’re reading this post, I imagine you do to So – as a kind of Fall celebration – I’d like to invite you to enjoy a 20% offer on any products at my etsy store until the 22nd of September – the day Fall begins this year.

If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter (or subscribe in the next week), you’ll be receiving an email with a code that you can use at my etsy shop for any purchase above 15 euros.


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Live Felting Workshop In Lisbon

Sep 04, 2016

I’ve been sharing information about a felting workshop that I’m organizing for September, the 24th. Since it’s a local workshop (Lisbon), I’ve only posted the information in Portuguese. Still, if you don’t speak Portuguese, but you’re in Lisbon, you’re more than welcome to join us. We’ll be felting seamless jewelry. You can email me for more information or call 969993044.


Workshop de feltragem com água e sabão

Onde: Cowork PANDORua Particular à Manuel Soares Guedes, 7B – Graça, Lisboa

Quando: Sábado, 24 de setembro, das 14h30 às 18h00

O quê: Bijutaria sem costuras

Preço: 40 euros

Lugares: mínimo de 6 e máximo de 10

Inscrições: até dia 20 de setembro, por email ou telefone 96 999 30 44.

Perguntas frequentes:

O que vou aprender?

Este workshop vai abordar o processo de feltragem mista (água e sabão + agulha)...

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Nuno Felt OBI BELT Workshop - Now Available

Aug 31, 2016

And it’s finally here: the nuno felt obi workshop. Available on etsy!

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Nuno Felt Obi Belt - A Taste Of The Upcoming Online Workshop

Aug 24, 2016

Coming very soon is my new online workshop on how to make a nuno felt obi belt. Today I’d like to share the introduction video with you to give you a taste of what’s coming up.

I’ve opted for a relatively simple project, that’ll make it easy for you to explore the way into nuno felt.

I’d love to know what you think!

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What’s A Pre-Felt? The Q&A Series

Aug 17, 2016

Am I happy to be back!!!

What started out as a couple of technology problems, ended up as a great example of Murphy’s Law. After having taken my tablet – where I store eBooks, notes, my calendar, and all sorts of information – to repair, my Internet stopped working, I had huge difficulties in getting it fixed because it’s August (and everything stops in August), and – last but not least – my laptop started giving me problems.

So, I convinced myself it was time to take it easy, and just let things take care of themselves. And, in the process, I had to skip a week of posting here.

But I’m back to stay! And I’m back with something new. I wanted to try a new format to answer some of the most frequent questions about felt, that don’t require showing a process on video.

So, today I’m going to dive into the following questions:

  • What’s a pre-felt?
  • How do you make it?
  • Why does it matter?

A felted piece that isn’t...

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How To Wet Felt A Flower Brooch Or Hairpin

Jul 27, 2016


I´m very excited to announce my new video series. It’s called The Weekend Project and it’s designed to bring you inspiration to dive into easy-to-do textile projects, that you can start and finish during the weekend. I thought you might like something to decompress from the stress of the week.

The first episode is on how to wet felt a flower brooch or hairpin, that can even make for a great gift for a friend. And the best thing is YOU DON’T NEED ANY EXPERIENCE IN WET FELTING, because I’ve designed it for beginners.

If you have any questions, you can always refer back to my previous videos on how to felt a sheet and a cord.

And, of course, I’m always here to answer your questions.


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The SIMPLE RING Felting Workshop - Now Available

Jul 24, 2016

The 3-part video workshop on how to wet felt a ring with a right size is now available in my shop.

It can be used as a basis for developing more complex shaped rings or just as a simple ring, that you can then decorate with beads or embroidery, for example.

This short course has also been added as a free BONUS to the ring video bundle. Enjoy!

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How To Care For Wet Felted Items

Jul 13, 2016

Did you know you can care for your felted items to keep them beautiful for a long time? That – when well cared for – felted pieces can be passed onto the next generation? And there’s actually nothing to it. Check out the video to see how easy it is.


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How To Wet Felt A Ring With The Right Size

Jun 29, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to get the exact size when you’re felting a ring?

I mean, as you know, wool shrinks considerably when felted and the shrinkage varies a lot, depending on factors like wool type, amount of wool you use, how much you felt, water temperature and so on.

So, how do you get the right size?

That’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today, in my new “How To” series. Have a look and download the mini-course!

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New Jewelry Workshop Bundles

Jun 22, 2016

Hi! Just jumping in today for a quick note.

If one of the things you want to learn is how to wet felt jewelry, this might be for you. I’ve just added variations of the Daisy Ring and the Bubble Ring workshops to my etsy shop. Now available are also the PDFs, if you prefer to print out your workshop. And the news is you can now download 2 workshops – as a video or PDF bundle – and save 20% by buying both.

If you haven’t yet seen the short video on the Daisy Ring workshop, check it out here.

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